Cool Nitro Car For Children

Although giant Chevron USA Inc. will release a new toy car under the Chevron Toy Cars range. This little toy would be just in time for the holiday rush and they call the new car little Brent Blizzard. Just the name itself, it simply means that the car was designed and intended solely for the season.

There are already tons of new products on the market that have just been released for the holidays. Who knows? You can also find products for automotive, even as other auto parts Daewoo and parts Ford cars that can have colors in harmony with the highly anticipated Christmas season. And the little Brent Blizzard will join the holiday cheer early.

Brent Blizzard has been designed and manufactured for a miniature vehicle 4 x 4. It is painted red and was designed to look like if it had been covered with snow. It also comes with the right snowboard on his roof rack it really looks so real. At Currently, the toy is placed on display at San Francisco Auto Show. It will be available for the public to view until 26th of this month.

Those who applied if this car would be available for sale got a yes for an answer. According to Chevron, buy a unit of the toy car for $7.99 in the different retail gasoline stations in society. Or you can order the toy by visiting the website of the company.

But you see, little toys Brent Blizzard is simply not made for Christmas. The toy was also created as part of the 10th anniversary of Chevrons Toy Car program. The entire campaign started in 1995 and the first three cars toys of the program were Tony Turbo, Wendy Wagon and Sam Sedan. However, this was just the beginning. After ten years, there are now more than two million toy cars sold and now owned by collectors of different cars.

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