CPC Of Each Advertiser- Adsense Account

The new AdSense account process is little lengthy and takes some extra time, This process will give good quality of AdSense for all users.

If we want advertisers to pay more for each click on our site we must take into account the two factors that will influence it:

– The number of advertisers : The greater the number of advertisers interested in appearing on our blog, the greater the competition in the auctions and the higher the price per click.

– The maximum price per click (CPC maximum) advertisers that appear on our website are willing to pay : We have seen that the maximum CPC of each advertiser determines the CPC that is immediately above, so the higher the CPC The highest CPC of each advertiser will be the CPC of the first ad (the most clicks are received).

So far everything very nice … Right ?. Now comes the two big questions … How do I get more advertisers on my blog? How to get advertisers max CPC higher? I am going to give you some tips to achieve both.

– Publish quality content , extensive articles highly developed in which a variety of keywords are integrated. Keep in mind that the more breadth of content and words we give our articles, the greater the chances of attracting advertisers as they seek to appear for certain keywords. Let’s return to the example of advertisers of branded footwear.

If we make an article talking about branded shoes only and we mention where we can buy branded shoes we will get advertisers interested in keywords like “shoes”, “brand shoes”, “signature shoes”, “brand shoes store” … However , If in addition to talking about branded shoes and where we can buy them we talk about shoes of some well-known brands such as Lottusse, Martinelli or Manolos, we can attract advertisers for keywords like “Lottusse shoes”, “Martinelli shoes” or “Manolos shoes”. As you can see, the text and keywords used will help us attract more advertisers , increase competition, and force them to pay more for each click .

– Another good technique to attract more advertisers and at the same time increase the CPC try to introduce in our ad units another type of advertisers that are not so related to our subject matter but that if they enter the block they will do it with high maximum CPC and will force The first advertisers to raise their bid to retain their positions. This technique works great on blogs whose hits come to the main page, since we can “play” with the content of the posts that we have on the cover and thus influence the type of advertisers that appear in our AdSense blocks .

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