Other Toys From Viking Logging Truck Toy To Play Firefighters

As we have indicated, the good thing about this brand is that it includes a lot of toy vehicles and scenarios that fit very well when it comes to playing firefighters. In this way the story can be much more interesting and entertaining, you can have more characters and spend a lot of fun playing at being heroes at home.

To make the story more interesting and entertaining, we must remember that firefighters have great helpers. For example, you can add a small toy helicopter to your logging truck toy to take the injured to the hospital. This little Vikintoys toy ambulance is just what your story lacks.

And speaking of ambulances, you also have a toy ambulance of the same style that goes by land. Includes two characters, comes with a stretcher or platform to move the wounded and a trapdoor through which you can put them in the vehicle. With this you would already have two more protagonists for the story that you are going to mount.

Something that can also enrich the game a lot is to integrate a garage with vehicles, which for example could be the place of the fire . For example, this three-lane garage , also of the same brand, is ideal for building the scene. It comes with two small strollers and a helicopter (rather smaller than the previous one).

The place where the fire occurs can be very varied. It can also be a crashing plane , a derailed train or even a fantastic Viking City with 25 lanes, two cars, road signs, billboards, little animals and even a character.

Playing firefighters with Viking logging truck toy

You decide how complicated you want the story to be, but the nicest thing is that all the toys are of the same brand and complement each other with wonder. In addition, if you lack more, you have strollers and airplanes loose that you can add to the game , or even, excavators and dump trucks that can serve to rebuild the place that has caught fire. Check out all Vikingtoys logging truck toy .

This game can be played almost anywhere. Since you do not have any small pieces that can be removed, you can even play with it in the garden or in the field , which can also give you much more realism when inventing a story.

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